Cox Automotive is the worlds largest automotive services organisation. Their service offering ranges from assisting manufacturers, fleet and dealer logistics as well as owning car auctions all over the UK. Cox Automotive is the market leading business in this field as well as being the thought leader having broadest, deepest, and most complete view of the new and used vehicle ecosystem.
We have worked with Cox Automotive across a wide range of digital projects that encompass websites, applications and optimisation. Working closely with them we have been able to assist in their post pandemic digitization of their business.
Cox Automotive is a very large organisation with many moving parts but they have not lost their eye for detail and hunger to deliver for their customers, constantly developing technologies and solutions that give their customers the ability to operate and compete in an increasingly digital world.



Our first priority was to focus on building them a solution that allowed them to communicate to their consumers and allowed these consumers to place orders. Since then we have worked extremally closely with ZZOOMM to assist them in building digital tools and solutions that integrate with their website and back office platforms. With our assistance we now have an end to end digital platform that communicates with the consumer all the way through to the instillation engineer on the ground.