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Automotive Addiction

Project Spotlight: Automotive Addiction Website Overhaul

At Brave Bear Marketing, we recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Automotive Addiction, a distinguished car sales company nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Shropshire, UK. Our mission? To reimagine and revamp their online presence, and oh, what a ride it was!

The Challenge: Automotive Addiction, known for their specialist car offerings, needed a digital space that echoed their expertise and passion. The existing website was due for a makeover, lacking the flair and functionality befitting a brand of their calibre.

Our Approach: We rolled up our sleeves and dived into a comprehensive redesign and rebuild. The goal? To create a virtual showroom that not only showcased their impressive inventory but also provided a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience for every visitor.

Key Highlights:

  1. 🎨 Sleek Design Overhaul: We gave the website a fresh, modern look, ensuring that every click feels like a joyride. The user-friendly design invites exploration, making the journey from homepage to checkout smooth and enjoyable.

  2. 🚀 Dynamic Functionality: New features were introduced to elevate the user experience. From intuitive navigation to real-time stock updates, every element was crafted to enhance engagement and facilitate effortless exploration.

  3. 📈 Efficient Stock Management: Our bespoke stock management tools empower the Automotive Addiction team to stay on top of their inventory game. No more manual headaches – just streamlined processes for a more efficient operation.

Results: The revamped website now stands as a testament to Automotive Addiction’s commitment to excellence. It not only mirrors the quality of their cars but also ensures that every online visitor gets a taste of the thrill that comes with their automotive offerings.


Zzoomm, which provides the UK’s fastest home broadband service, contacted us after being let down by a previous agency. We identified multiple major issues with their site. Our team built them a brand new site and functionality to work with all their backhouse operations, ensuring that all platforms were working and communicating with the site as required. We then worked with Zzoomm to optimise their user journey so that it was trackable. Finally, we rebuilt their entire backend system so it was ready for expansion and more streamlined to use. We continue to work closely with Zzoomm and maintain a great relationship with the company.