StriVectin are a global skincare brand, specialising in providing clinical anti-aging skincare solutions to men and women worldwide.

Offering a wide range of premium products, their mission is simple: to deliver the most high-performing skincare and haircare solutions powered by the latest clinical advances to transform the look of skin and hair of people around the world.

Combining cutting-edge ingredients at proven, efficacious levels with breakthrough NIA-114 technology, StriVectin pride themselves on the fact that their products are proven to boost results of every formula for visible, age-fighting benefits. All their products are developed under the most rigorous standards and are measured, graded and confirmed by research to ensure their customers can count on scientifically proven results.


StriVectin has a large product range, including anti-aging solutions for the face, eyes, neck, hands and body as well as a vast array of serums, SPFs, cleansers and exfoliators.

As a new addition to their skincare product range, the Advanced Acid trio (resurface, rehydrate and replump and repair) uses powerful change agents that combine skin transforming acids with the latest NIA-114 technology for maximum efficacy and results to improve skin’s resiliency and visibly repair signs of aging for more youthful looking skin. Having seen successes with the launch of these products in other countries, StriVectin wanted to reach their scope further and launch this trio into the UK.

Having undertaken influencer marketing campaigns in the past, StriVectin knew that this was the route they wanted to go down again to launch their new product in the UK market. They believed that through influencer marketing, they could achieve their key objectives and raise the StriVectin profile further.

In a bid to drive greater brand awareness, engagement and sales for this new-to-the UK anti-aging Advanced Acid trio, they sought to find a digital marketing agency, with a specialism in influencer marketing, to help StriVectin in their quest to raise awareness and build a positive reputation, and establish a level of trust for their brand and products within the UK market.


Having put a brief together, StriVectin went out to find an agency who could help them achieve their objectives.

After searching online for a company who could do just this, StriVectin approached Brave Bear and it soon became apparent that they would become their agency of choice for their influencer marketing campaign.

Speaking about this further, Mario Defauwes, Director of Marketing at StriVectin explains: “We already knew what we wanted to achieve, we just needed someone to help us get there in the UK. Influencer marketing is a proven and effective tool and we knew that we wanted to undertake this type of campaign to help us reach the UK audience we so desired. We put together a clear cut brief, detailing our target demographic, who we wanted to reach and how, as well as our objectives as a business and set to find an agency who had proven experience in this field and who could help us get to where we needed to be.

“During extensive research we came across Brave Bear and following a very well put out proposal from them, we decided to choose them as our agency of choice for our influencer marketing campaign.”

After discussing the project and campaign in greater detail and discussing StriVectin’s goals and options based on their allocated budget, Brave Bear proposed an influencer marketing campaign that would look to liaise and cooperate with several potential social media influencers that best fit with the StriVectin brand and would achieve the widest possible reach.

Talking about this in more detail, Mario, explains: “Brave Bear set out clear objectives from their side and what they could achieve within the set budget that could positively help us with our goals and help us to generate sales, build trust and raise brand awareness in the UK.”

“Brave Bear proposed that they would draw on the UK segment of their global influencer marketing database who had a primary interest in beauty and lifestyle, were early adopters and open to new beauty and skincare products and were within the scope of our target demographic. They estimated that based on this and the budget they were given they could reach in excess of 25,000 page/post/video views, engagements and interactions, combining all of the different influencers together. Needless to say – we weren’t disappointed.”

Spanning the course of three months, Brave Bear set out on this project – committed to achieving high results and helping StriVectin grow. As part of their proposed solution Brave Bear identified and managed multiple social media influencers for a targeted impact and that would promote broader regional consumer awareness and confidence in the StriVectin brand in the UK.

The process Brave Bear undertook and the results they saw following the campaign included:


  • Brief taken from StriVectin to fully understand their objectives, what they wanted to achieve and budget
  • Media pack created on behalf of StriVectin to begin the search for relevant and appropriate influencers
  • Media pack issued to StriVectin for approval
  • Upon approval, search undertaken for quality influencers and negotiations carried out for the work needed (i.e. number of posts, before and after images) and the costs
  • Influencers produced their first piece of content and Brave Bear sent to StriVectin for approval before posting out via social channels
  • Once approved, content shared via influencers’ social media platforms and blogs and the second piece of content produced within 30 days of trialling the product to show longer term results, the impact it had on their skin and their overall thoughts on the products


  • Sourced 4 influencers in total, with a combined sizable social audience, who were approved by StriVectin and produced the required number of posts stipulated in the brief and within the deadlines
  • Within the first three days of the post, one influencer alone received nearly 3,500 likes on their post
  • The first part of the campaign reached over 11,000 impressions, engagement and interactions across posts and videos from various social platforms
  • The second half of the campaign reached over 25,000, far surpassing the initial expectations and targets set
  • Commenting further, Mario, explains: “The best part of it all was that Brave Bear took full ownership of this project from beginning to end. They were committed to contacting potential influencers and issuing them with a strict brief and clear instructions for posts that fit inline with our company and brand guidelines and with what we wanted to achieve.

“We had close contact with our dedicated account manager at Brave Bear at all times. They always kept us informed and up to date with progress and what was going on. In essence, it was actually the perfect collaboration. Topped off with the fact that they helped us to not only achieve our target but exceed it too. We also received genuine, positive feedback on our products which was something we were really pleased with as one of our main objectives was to build trust with the StriVectin brand. Brave Bear have really helped us achieve that.”


“Working with Brave Bear  as part of our influencer marketing campaign, was most definitely the best decision we could have made. As a starting point, and one of the core objectives we wanted to achieve was the fact that they helped us to exceed our goals and objectives as well as securing us genuine, positive feedback on our products. We honestly couldn’t have asked for anymore from them.

“Employing a small yet dedicated team, Brave Bear ‘s adaptability, accessibility, and strong industry connections ensured we were well represented across a wide and varied audience.

“As well as this, and the amazing results we’ve seen from the influencer marketing campaign, is the fact that their workflow is exceptionally effective. We had a dedicated account manager who we could email at any time and they were always immediately available. This is service at its best. There were no issues with scheduling when it came to posts, everything was of a very high standard and the production of high quality work was great to see. To say that I was impressed by their flexibility and agility to handle changes quickly, as we needed them, is a relative understatement. Brave Bear were there for us every step of the way and were committed and dedicated to helping us achieve, and exceed, our core objectives and goals.

“Their proven expertise in influencer marketing, alongside a very competitive cost – by far the best we saw in the UK, set them aside from everyone else and they have really proved their value to us on this StriVectin campaign. I could not be more pleased and happy with the results we’ve seen since undertaking the project with Brave Bear. And whilst there is always room for improvement, I have no doubt in my mind that I would work with them again and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone looking for help with their influencer marketing. Our company has gained the best results we could have possibly asked for, and more, from this project. And that is, by far and large, thanks to Brave Bear.”


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