Until the winter of 2019, it was widely thought that we already had been through the digital revolution and were in the post-digital age.

But the coronavirus pandemic brought into sharp focus the sheer number of businesses, that either were not digitally enabled or needed to further segue into digital transactioning. In a recent Dun & Bradstreet survey, 54% of respondents agree the pandemic has already negatively impacted their business.

In the same survey of 750 small businesses, 51% believe they will suffer the effects of COVID-19 more acutely in 2021.

This is in part due to the costs and time of gearing up again, but also in beginning the repayments for the business interruption and bounceback loans many have obtained.

Websites and digital marketing will maintain an increasingly important position in your business’s stability but organisations will no doubt wish to be clever in their budgeting so that cashflow is maintained.

With this in mind, our long-standing “Pay monthly” website offering provides an effective, financially prudent way of staying visible and accessible to your customers without adversely affecting business finances.

With non-transactional websites starting from £18.99 per month and ecommerce sites an additional £13.99 per month, this method of securing your online position allows for prudent budgeting post-Covid. After 2 years, you can get a whole new website created, at the same monthly cost meaning you are always utilising latest technologies and best practice.

In the same survey, Dun and Bradstreet found that 31% of respondents’ focus moving forward in 2021 was in identifying new opportunities to target new customers and markets.

By using effective online marketing, you can reach whole new audiences and customers quicker and more effectively than ever before.  Whether through search engine optimisation, social media outreach or digital advertising, like Google Adwords or Facebook ads, we can identify and manage your marketing to meet your business goals.

Small businesses have stood still for long enough during this pandemic. Now it’s time to move forward. Ready? Give Brave Bear a call to discuss your next move.

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