The ‘Story’ Feature – To Use Or Not To Use?

We utilise every aspect and facet of social media platforms to provide the most effective marketing solutions for your business. One aspect of promotion that is frequently overlooked is the ‘story’ feature on both Facebook and Instagram.

The story banner sits at the very top of the home page, so whereas a certain amount of scrolling and promotion is required in order for a consumer to reach a post, the story function is far quicker to access and revisit.

Stories also only last 24 hours, which means they can be slightly less formal than you might see on a curated feed, and the medium lends itself well to reposting mentions from satisfied customers. Instagram and Facebook stories are ideal for showing off your products and services without creating too much clutter on your main page!

It is also easy to view the number of views per story, and this KPI can indicate brand interest – allowing us to modify posts in the future to garner the highest possible amount of interest. This knowledge doesn’t have to remain exclusive only to use of stories either, you can utilise these statistics in order to effectively target posts on your main feed too.

We recently ran a campaign for a children’s wear company, and we made effective use of stories by reposting customer and gifting mentions, running a #FreebieFriday competition and also taking in-house photos of the products in use.

This is an easy way to show that an account is genuine in the minefield of spam accounts, as well as showcasing positive features of products. We also created permanent ‘story highlights’ to categorise these posts into, so customers first visiting the page can instantly see positive real life examples and reviews of your product.

We have also utilised story highlights for the luxe chocolate brand Firetree: drawing attention to influencers reviews, key social events, awards, and other important facets of their brand. Peruse their story highlights here and check out the bespoke cover images we created for each of the highlights! Our designers used the existing brand imagery for inspiration.

We’re experts in influencer marketing strategy, and we have a large database of influencers we frequently collaborate with. If an influencer posts a picture of one of your products, make the most of it! Including their images in your stories can help grow your company reputation and reach, as well as draw attention to hero products. If you’re interested in branching out and celebrity endorsements or blogger outreach, check out our influencer marketing page at for more information.

So all in all – we’re big advocates of making good use of the story feature, as long as it’s in conjunction with maintaining frequent high-quality feed posts!

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