Why you should use influencers to boost your business

5 Reasons Why Using Influencers Can Boost Your Business

Influencer marketing has really taken off over the past few years. Whether it’s the Love Islanders creating a range with Boohoo or someone you follow on Instagram offering a discount code for phone cases, it’s unavoidable. Just by logging into social media, you will encounter something with #ad on it. So why are brands so keen on using influencers? Why should you be using them to help boost your business?

#1. Influencers create content

You don’t have to worry about creating the content yourself. Influencers are used to creating high-quality content – for most of them, it’s their full-time jobs. They know their audience and they know what sort of content works for them. When an influencer creates content they will not only tag your brand, you can get permission from the influencer to share the content across your social channels.

#2. Influencers build brand awareness

When you use influencers, you then open yourself up to a completely different audience. Using the influencers can help to build brand awareness within their own and often vast following. You will reach audiences that you may never have reached before, meaning that more people will hear about your business. Exposure and brand awareness is so important in the current climate.

#3. Influencers build your brand’s credibility

It’s in the name – they have authority and influence, they are a trusted voice. They’ve already built up thousands of followers who hang on to their every word, so when they post about loving your product/brand, their followers are going to trust them.

#4. Influencers generate sales

Following on from the last point, they are a great way to generate leads and sales. If they say that they like a product, others will want to buy the product too. Did you know that 84% of influencer-driven traffic are new customers? They can appeal to people who have never heard of your business before.

#5. Influencers improve your search engine visibility

Using influencers is great for your SEO. If you are using bloggers, then you will be guaranteed a backlink to your website which is great for building up your domain authority. If you are using social media influencers, then you are likely to get people clicking through to your own social media profiles and then clicking on links to your site.